Tuesday, September 29, 2015

April Adventures

In April, we had our last adoption post placement report for a little while.  This is where a social worker came to our house to observe Olivia in her "element," and to interview us.  This report was sent to China for Olivia's file.  We have had several of these done since we've been home, and we will update again in one year.

Olivia's first GOTCHA DAY was on April 21st.  I'll never forget that day.  I enjoyed spending some time reading the blog from our trip and remembering back to what a life-changing trip it really was.  Olivia really has come a long way in one year.  It's amazing.

At the girls' day care every year, they have a FUN RUN – Olivia didn’t quite know what to think, so I carried her around the track.  She loved the popsicle afterwards!

We also started swim lessons in April in preparation for our family beach trip in early May.  The girls both did really well.  

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